CeX Rewards Stupidity by Giving Peter Clatworthy a Free Xbox One

In response to Peter Clatworthy getting scammed on eBay, United Kingdom retailer CeX has given him a free Xbox One on Saturday, reports The Nottingham Post.

If you haven’t been keeping up with this story, Peter Clatworthy is a United Kingdom teen, who was apparently buying an Xbox One for his 4 year old son. After finding an auction, he noticed the description said it was for a picture. Doing the most logical thing possible, he assumed it was an error and bought the item for £450.

Shortly after he received the item and it was in fact a picture of an Xbox One. Furious he was wrong and the listing was accurate, Clatworthy took to the internet and the story was picked up by The Nottingham Post. At that point, eBay confirmed he would be getting a refund, since the auction violated their turn of service.

Not bad for knowingly making an error.