Latest 3DS System Update Now Available, Adds Miiverse

After months of waiting and several promises, Nintendo has finally added the Miiverse to the Nintendo 3DS. This is just one of the new addition the latest system update adds, which also includes the unified account system.

As previously reported, the 3DS version of the Miiverse is limited to community features only. This means you can’t add people from the app, nor can you send them private messages. However, you’re free to read and socialize in the community section as much as you want.

To download the update, simply turn on your 3DS and open the settings app. Select other settings and continue until you hit the last page. Finally, click system update and download the update. Be warned, this is a decent size file and will probably take 10 minutes to download.

Once you install the update, you’ll see the Miiverse icon added to the top bar. After selecting the app, you’ll be asked to sign into the Nintendo Network by making an account or using your existing account. If you own one from the Nintendo Wii U, simply enter your username, password and E-Mail to sign in. This will also allow you to use your Nintendo Network Mii or whatever Mii is on your 3DS. Reopen the app and you’ll be asked to sign in yet again. Make sure to click save password, if you want to avoid this in the future, before typing in your password and you’re good to go.