Worst Company in America Donates Money to Cancer Society

When EA was voted the worst company in America, I was confused. When did micro-transactions become worse than oil spills or holding in-store food-drives for your underpaid employees? My guess is right around the time morons were allowed to vote for random things online. Sure, EA has a past full of corporate greed, lies, faulty online connectivity and general anti-consumer behavior, but that hardly constitutes the response they’ve received. After all, being a jerk to your customers isn’t exactly mass-genocide.

However, EA isn’t satisfied with being considered an evil company any longer, and instead is striving to be the best company in America. In addition to apologizing for nearly every game released, eliminating greedy programs that don’t appeal to gamers and improving their customer service, they’ve also been…  curing cancer?

A while back EA promised to donate 100% of their Humble Bundle proceeds to a variety of charitable organizations. With over $10 million raised across 2.1 million bundles sold, EA has followed through by donating $1.65 million to the American Cancer Society. Upcoming donations include the Human Rights Campaign, American Red Cross and the AIDS Foundation. It doesn’t seem likely that EA will be awarded worst company in America again. Well, unless they do something else to piss off disgruntled gamers.