Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Gets God Cloth Seiya DLC and More This week

 Since Saint Seiya: Brave Soldeirs launched in the US, Namco Bandai has been hard at work bringing over the DLC costumes. Two weeks ago we had gold cloth for the bronze saints and plain clothes for several characters, plus Leo Ikki was added to the mix. A week later we got Odin Robe Seiya, more plain clothes costumes and Virgo Cloth Shun. However, this week adds a number of highly anticipated costumes/characters.

As previously mentioned, God Cloth Seiya was added for only $1.99. In addition to that, this weeks update also adds the Bronze Saint Plain Cloth Set for $2.99. This set adds plain clothes for Seiya, Shun, Ikki, Shiryu and Hyoga. However, thats not all for the bronze saints. Another DLC pack, called the Bronze Saints Final Bronze Cloth Original Color Set, adds original cloth designs for the aforementioned bronze saints, at the cost of $3.99. Not bad for a game released just a few weeks ago.