Why Search For Shiny Pokémon When You Can Just Buy Them?

The recent method involving Instacheck Hotspot made searching for shiny Pokémon easier than it used to be. But now, if you don’t want to work hard or work at all in finding your own shiny, you can just buy one. There have been an influx of eBay auctions and listings of people selling shiny Pokémon. One is currently at $9.50 and has two bids on it and others have sold at $15.00. Sellers have tailor trained each Pokémon to have perfect natures and even hidden abilities. That’s a lot of work and certainly very time consuming.

Now, before playing Pokémon X and Y, I had never encountered a wild shiny Pokémon. Luckily, I found two this generation, but even if I never found one or was cursed to never find one as long as I lived — I’d still never pay money. These eBay auctions just scream scam. You can’t trust everything on the site and this is another example. Who in their right mind would actually pay upwards of ten dollars just to have a Pokémon that they’ll probably end up never using? It’s insane and a waste. You can spend/waste money on something, anything else. Go out to lunch some day. If you have enough time to buy a shiny then you have enough time to actually find one, train it and enjoy having ten dollars in your pocket.