Stop What You’re Doing And Go Get Ghost Trick For $1

That isn’t a request by the way. That is a bonafide, official Hardcore Gamer threat. If you don’t go get the game right now, bad things will happen to you. In exactly one hour, you will be sitting on your couch, NOT playing Ghost Trick. I can’t think of a worse punishment than that. Unless you already own the DS version, or previously bought the iOS edition, but if that is the case our curse doesn’t work on you anyway.

Over at the iTunes store, the full game of Ghost Trick is currently priced at a measly dollar. I am going on the record to state that Ghost Trick is one of the best games on the DS, and the iOS version might be even better. On a console that is overflowing with high quality titles, Ghost Trick still stands out as one of the most impressive, most innovative, and most fun games of them all. To get the game for a single dollar is an absolute steal, and a bargain you should not pass up on. I almost feel like this is too good of a deal, because Ghost Trick is worth more than this. Still, if they don’t know that it isn’t your responsibility to tell them. Go get it and thank us later.