How to Complete the Fourth Chapter of God Eater 2

When it comes to importing games, you always run the risk of getting stuck. With smaller communities and limited understanding of the language (in most cases), even the simplest of requests can baffle someone unable to read the dialog. Since you need to bring Dr. Claudius two materials to complete story stage 44 and subsequently chapter 4, it has lead to a lot of confusion. To help make God Eater 2 a little more import friendly, we made a quick guide on how to complete this segment. Please note, this assumes you have little to no understanding of Japanese.

As mentioned above, when you hit story stage 44, you need to talk to Dr. Claudius. She will tell you to collect an item called “女神翼片”. Before reading ahead, I strongly suggest you check your inventory to see if you have this item. If you do, put it in your bag, give it to the Doctor and skip to the next part.


This item is a random award for killing サリエル and doesn’t require a lot of work. To make this easier on yourself, I suggest selecting the ダウンプアー mission, which you can find under the 3★ difficulty setting.


While its not really important, ダウンプアー is the Aragami you see above, which you just need to kill. Eat the Aragami (hold triangle and release at max size) and you might get the 女神翼片 material. Continue until you get the material and then return to Dr. Claudius with the item in your bag. She will then tell you to get a 百鬼鉤爪, which will require a little more effort. Again, make sure to check your inventory before continuing ahead. If you’re lucky, then you just might have the item already.


This item comes from an Aragami called ヤクシャ・ラージャ and is one of the rewards for breaking his claws. While several missions feature this Aragami, I suggest going to the 4★ missions and select 鬼の居ぬ間に. During this mission, you’ll have to fight three Aragami. These include two ヤクシャ and one ヤクシャ・ラージャ.


The picture above shows you what a ヤクシャ・ラージャ looks like and his general location. If you’re still confused, he’s basically a ヤクシャ with another set of arms. However, I strongly suggest you kill the other two ヤクシャ first. These enemies shouldn’t give you any trouble and you just want to make sure they die. Once they’re dead, start attacking the ヤクシャ・ラージャ. Your ONLY goal here is to break his claws, since that is the only way to get a 百鬼鉤爪.

If his claws look like the image above, then you completed your task and it’s safe to kill him. Do not kill him before breaking his claws or you will not get the drop. After you kill him the mission will end and you’ll get various items on the result screen. Now, you’ll get one of two items for breaking his claws, so keep an eye out for 百鬼鋭牙 and 百鬼鉤爪. Unless you get the latter item, you must redo all these steps and try again.

After getting the 百鬼鉤爪 and putting it in your bag, go visit Dr. Claudius. She will ask for the material and you’ll obviously give her it. Finally, go back to the top floor and talk to Kujo on the first floor.

After you talk to him the next story stage will be available and you can finally continue on with your adventure.