SteamOS Now Available

The new Linux-based OS from Valve has launched at a whopping 960MB. Unfortunately, Valve has advised against downloading the operating system “unless you’re an intrepid Linux hacker.” To instal the OS, you’ll need a 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, at least 500GB of hard drive space, and an NVIDIA graphics card (with support for others coming soon). Thankfully, there’s an FAQ for all those information seekers out there.

The good news: it’ll likely lead to some amazing integration in the near future, making PC gaming easier and more enjoyable than ever. The bad news: the 1.0 release does not support many features at launch, such as Windows game streaming. Eager installers should also know that the SteamOS will delete everything from your computer. The strange news: surprisingly, SteamOS is not a licensed product of brilliant actor and singer, John Stamos, known for his five-time Emmy nominated role as Uncle Jessie on Full House.

Despite Valve stating that the SteamOS is not ready for “regular” users yet, feel free to download the software here. You’ve been warned, so download at your own risk.