Watch the First Steam Machine Unboxing

It’s beginning look a lot like Christmas! Actually, more like the best Christmas possible that you will never, ever have. The unboxing in question is not of some mere sweaters or tube socks, but a real life in the flesh Steam Machine. Indeed, Corey Nelson is one of the few lucky beta testers selected to try out one of Steam’s new magical gaming boxes and was kind enough to record its first time out of its crate.

And we literally mean crate, as this thing comes in a giant wooden box that looks more akin to containing some sort of a super weapon meant only for military use. Nelson notes that the machine is quite heavy before showing off the beta controller, manuals, cables and more. While we don’t get many close up shots, the controller itself does look a little cheapy, but the machine itself looks like a beast. With multiple connectors, a square design and hundreds of “speed holes,” it looks like a gaming PC morphed into a console, which is exactly the point.

Check it out below: