Bundle Stars Urban Guerilla Bundle Launched

The Bundle Stars are back with the Urban Guerilla bundle. While the name may bring about thoughts of violent warfare (or a SoCal indy wrestling group) for some, for gamers, that term can now bring new gaming memories. Paying a mere $2.98 gets you APB Reloaded’s Stackable Premium Pack, Arena Wars 2, Coniclysm, Governer of Poker 2: Premium Edition, Prime World: Defenders, and Clickr.¬†This bundle gives you a blend of shooting in both first and third-person views, some tower defense, puzzling, and of course, POKER!¬†Everything in the bundle except for APB is activated via Steam, so if you’re looking to add a ton of games to your Steam library (and maybe play a few of them over your lifetime), this is a way to do so without spending much money.