Indie Gogo For Pixel Poetry Documentary Launched

The debate over gaming as art has gone on since the debut of the medium, and Richard Cook is hopeful that funding allows him to craft a documentary on it called Pixel Poetry. He’s conducted interviews with a variety of folks in the industry about it, and he wants to make something to prove that point to others. He’s got one documentary under his belt already with Pixels and Polygons: An Indie Game Developer Story, and is looking for $10,000 to make this one a reality. The perks range from $1 to get him some coffee, to $13 to get a digital version and some bonus footage in digital form, while $25 gets you that e-mailed a few weeks earlier. $50 nets you a poster, and $100 gets you two posters and a DVD signed along with a caricature of you. A trailer for the film is available on Youtube now.