Rogue Legacy Updated with New Bosses, Class and Rooms

Without a doubt, Rogue Legacy is one of the most endearingly difficult (and fun) games that came out this year. Cellar Door Games have been working to squash glitches via bugfix updates but it’s not the only thing they were working on. Today a free content patch, version 1.20, launched.

Included with the new patch are the following additions: five boss remixes, one new class, four new traits, twenty eight new rooms to explore, new Steam achievements and ability to tweak the game’s shader effect. The bosses in Rogue Legacy were hard enough so we’ll see how fans take to their more difficult forms!

As the patch is free, anyone who currently owns the game or intends to buy it will gain immediate access to the new features. If you didn’t buy Rogue Legacy on Steam then you may need to download the patch yourself.