Nintendo and Tecmo Koei Collaborating On Hyrule Warriors

Ever wanted your Legend of Zelda game to be a straight up hack-and-slash action title?  Well if you have then Nintendo and Tecmo Koei are here to make your dreams come true with Hyrule Warriors, a brand new Zelda game featuring the intense, over-the-top action of Dynasty Warriors.

Hyrule Warriors was one of Nintendo’s huge announcements made during today’s Nintendo Direct episode.  Nintendo President Satoru Iwata was quick to confirm in the video that this is not the The Legend of Zelda game that Nintendo is currently developing, but is just a fun collaboration between the publisher and developer Tecmo Koei.

The short teaser trailer shows Link performing many of his famous moves and using different weapons to dispatch armies of foes.  Weapons confirmed for the game include his sword, bombs, fire rod, Hylian Shield and a beefed up version of his spin attack.

If you really hate the name then you’ll find it good to know that Hyrule Warriors is not the final name.

Hyrule Warriors is out sometime in 2014 exclusively on Wii U.  Check out the debut trailer below: