2013 Best Action Game

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Best Action Game

The Last of Us
It’s not often that an experience like The Last of Us comes along; a game in which action and adventure merely fuel a beautifully told story. There are guns, yes, and people shooting them, too. Although, it’s what you don’t see that makes the games strongest point abundantly clear. A world destroyed by natures hands; desperation and violence turning the gears of humanity as it slowly feeds on its final crops. In such a setting, the Zombie-like abominations are the least of the worlds problems, but in what is possibly the greatest escort mission in history, they’re something you’ll find yourself concerned with as you and your young companion calculatingly escape harms fungal grip. It’s world is far from perfect; dark, cruel and derelict, but The Last of Us is the perfect game in its genre, balancing narrative and action seamlessly.

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