Big Forza Motorsport 5 Update Goes Live – Changes Economy and Adds Modes

Forza Motorsport 5‘s micro-transactions have been a sore spot since the game’s debut about a month ago, but Turn 10 has rolled out a huge update that reduces in-game car prices and adds a drag racing mode and a multiplayer “tag” mode. The update is 455 MB and doesn’t take too long to download and update – we had ours ready to go within five minutes.┬áDrag racing can be down on quarter-mile, half-mile, or full-mile drag strips in both free play and multiplayer variants. The latter sounds very fun – especially if you take a drink after every race.

Tag mode is multiplayer-only and features three variants – Keep the It, Tag Virus, and Pass the It – with the middle option sounding quite action-packed. Beyond the modes, the biggest change made with the update that takes the cost of cars via in-game currency down by 45% and doubles the driver level payouts from 15,000 credits to 35,000 – so while you can’t quite earn a new car with each level, you can at least do some major upgrading with each level gained.