Eldritch Celebrates a White Christmas at the Mountains of Madness

Everyone’s favourite Voxel-based first person horror roguelike, Eldritch, is dropping a new update today inspired by the Lovecraft classic At the Mountains of Madness. The update features a new, snow-covered dungeon that runs 10-levels deep beneath the mountains of Antarctica. The dungeon is packed with new monsters (including penguins!), and you’ll find a few new weapons and items to help you fend them off. There’s also a new story to go along with the new gameplay elements, and the update looks to pack plenty of challenge and content to keep fans busy for a good while.

For the uninitiated, Eldritch is a roguelike FPS that takes a lot of cues from Bioshock and Minecraft. As the name implies, it’s based on the Cthulu mythos. The game has a subtle elegance to it, and is generally a lot of fun to play. If you’re interested, it’s currently 50% off.