GMG Winter Sale Begins – 20% Off Promo Code Available

GMG’s winter sale joins Steam’s sale as being a great time for gamers, and a bad time for money-saving. Things are split into publisher dales, with Sega having their own page full of crazy deals.¬†Condemned is $3.74, as are Alpha Protocol, The Cave, and Virtua Tennis 4. Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing is also that price, while its Transformed sequel is $5. Square-Enix‘s sales include Battlestations Midway is $1.74, while Battlestations Pacific is $2.24. Blood Omen 2 is $1.74 alongside Conffict: Desert Storm, Deathtrap Dungeon, and Anacrhonox. American Mensa Academy is $5, while Gyromancer and Conflict: Denied Ops are $1.50. Paradox has some deals as well, with the Cities in Motion Collection costing $12.50, Europea Universalis IV being $20, its Digital Extreme Edition costing $22.50, and Europa Universalis III Collection being $10 and EU III Chronicles costing $7.50. Indie games are also on sale Swords and Soldiers is $2.50, while Strike Suit Zero is $6.74, The Witcher II Enhanced is $10, as is Godus. Dear Esther is $1.73, while Miner Wars 2081 is $5. Everyone on sale on the site, including these deals, can use the 20% off promo code GMG20-ZB5D1-93X49