Purchase a PS4 or Xbox One at Walmart, Get an IOU for Under the Tree

It’s December 19, so if you don’t have an Xbox One or PS4 by now, you’re pretty screwed. So much for winning over your son from your ex-wife by ways of next-gen gaming console bribery. Now he’ll have to settle for a ball in a cup or an Ouya and you’ve failed as a partial custody parent. For those not opposed to putting an IOU under the tree, however, Walmart is guaranteeing that its next shipment of the coveted consoles goes to the right people. So long as they are fans of the retail giant on Facebook.

A special link has been posted on Walmart’s Facebook page and mobile app home page that allows customers to pre-order either console for guaranteed shipping on or before January 10 and receive a printable certificate now to put under the tree.

Because nothing says Christmas morning like “I failed you as a parent/significant other, but here’s a slip of paper.”