2013 Best Downloadable Content

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Best Downloadable Content

Phoenix Wright: Turnabout Reclaimed
This year has borne witness to a lot of good DLC. XCOM Enemy Within added many new wrinkles to last year’s best tactics game, and Brave New World finally made CIV 5 worth playing over 4. Also the things for Dishonored and Borderlands were probably pretty good. We dunno. The important thing is, none of those had orcas, and especially, none of them had mustachioed pirate captain orcas that you defend in court. Phoenix Wright’s Turnabout Reclaimed DLC had such an orca, as well as two adorable penguins, a gangster-rapping pirate janitor, and a whole mess of new anime cutscenes. Also Pearl Fey is in it. We rest our case.

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