2013 Best Multiplatform Game

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Best Multiplatform Game

Grand Theft Auto V
There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind why Grand Theft Auto V has won our best Multiplatform Game award. It was one of the most anticipated games for the last couple of years, and it has surpassed all expectations. It included three intriguing and genuinely different characters, a phenomenal soundtrack, great writing and a world just packed full of activities to do. How many games have you robbing banks in the morning, going skydiving in the afternoon, and deep sea diving in the evening? It’s just an action packed thrill ride from start to finish, but if you just want to relax in the world, it’s more than an acceptable way to play the game. If you own either a PS3 or Xbox 360, and are of the appropriate age, you owe it to yourself to experience arguably the best Grand Theft Auto yet.

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