Game of the Year Awards 2013

Has there ever been a better year in gaming? While the year the next-generation of consoles comes out is notorious for having a few last major game pushes, 2013 was home to a staggering amount of big budget sequels, revolutionary new IPs and surprise hits. Following a year dominated by indies, it was crucial return to form for major publishers, with the awards littered with recognizable franchises.

After the longest console generation in history, we went from desperately wanting the next one to being content with seven year old hardware thanks to their current slate of games. After all, not many next-gen games appear on our lists and those that do pale in comparison to the juggernauts of last-gen. Perhaps we’ll be singing a different tune next year, but for now we’re content to have been able to send the last generation off with a bang. From BioShock Infinite to Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F, let’s take a trip through the best games of 2013 separated into handy categories seen below as we present Hardcore Gamer’s 2013 GOTY Awards.

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Selected Editor’s Top 10 Games of 2013

Steve Hannley

Adam Beck

Geoff Thew

Matt Beaudette

Lee Cooper


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