Steam Holiday Sale Day 5 Deals Announced

The fifth day of Steam‘s sale brings a decent lineup of stuff on sale, including Arma III for $35 and Splinter Cell Blacklist for $30. While it does seem odd to see double-digit prices for the sasle, they’re still nice discounts. Castle Crashers gets taken down to $3.74 – as does Contagion. Borderlands 2: GOTY Edition is $15, while Reus is only $2.50. Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs is $10, while Shadowrun Returns is $9 and the excellent Trine 2 Complete Story is only $2. That’s easily the easiest recommendation to pick up here, as it’s a great game for 90% off. Flash sale prices presently take Cities XL Platinum down to $6, Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Ultimate Edition down to $10, Brutal Legend is only $2, and Dead Space 2 is $5.