Steam Holiday Sale Day 6 Deals Announced

Steam‘s holiday sale is on its sixth day, and takes some major game prices down a bit. Surgeon Simulator 2013 can be yours for $2.50 – so now it’s a daily deal for that price instead of a flash sale. CoD: Ghosts is $40, while State of Decay is a mere $10. RPG Maker VXAce is only $17.50, so if you’ve got a dream RPG in mind, then that would be money well spent. Rocksmith 2014 is $45, and at a mere 25% off, it’s best to wait for a bigger sale price down the line. FTL is a mere $3.39, so even if the percentage off isn’t as big as it could be, it’s still a good discount. Dungeons and Dragons: Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is $8 instead of $20. F1 2013 can be yours for $30 instead of $50, but if you have a past game, there isn’t too much of a reason to buy it, while The Sims 3 is $8 if you didn’t get it during the Humble Origin Sale. The present flash sale takes Rise of the Triad down to $3, while Total War Rome II is $30, Dishonored is $7.50 if you missed it as a daily deal, and Rise of Venice is $10 instead of $40. None of the deals quite scream must-buy except for Dishonored, which may be for the best since so many people will be away with family for the next few days.