Pokémon Bank Launches in a Couple Days; Some Things to Know

Pokémon Bank, the online storage system for all your older generation Pokémon, will begin in North America on December 27. With this you can transfer Pokémon from Black and White games over to your X and Y versions. Since not many Gen 5 monsters are available in the latest game, they developed the storage bank for you to catch them all. It’ll be tough and possibly time consuming to transfer each of them but if you’re trying to be the greatest Pokémon Master then you have to.

Pokémon you send through the bank cannot have any held items. No doubling up on Leftovers, Black Sludge or the berries. If you happen to send a Pokémon with an item it would just be sent back to the player’s bag. Also, any Pokémon that evolve via trade or with held item through trade will not evolve when transferred to the new game. However, transferring certain Pokémon such as Genesect will trigger X and Y to create Drives and special items needed for those Pokémon.

If you’ve been battling against trainers online you may have noticed new Pokémon popping up. Folks in Japan have already been given access to Pokémon Bank, so they’re already using legendary Pokémon from past generations. You can also find old Pokémon through Wonder Trade if you’re lucky. To obtain Pokémon Bank, you can download it from the Nintendo eShop. The bank comes with an app called Poké Transporter which does the actual moving around. Oh, and hacked or cheated Pokémon can’t go through. The service will cost you $4.99 per year to store up to 3,000 Pokémon. But you can start a free trial until January 31 before you must pay. And don’t forget the free Celebi when you first use Pokémon Bank.