Watch the First Two Hours of Final Fantasy X HD on PS Vita

There’s something about handhelds that lend themselves well to RPGs. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s hard to devote a hundred hours to sitting in a chair and focusing a video game or something else entirely, but whatever the reason, they’ve been cause for excitement ever since handhelds have had the power to mirror everything up until the Xbox One/PS4.

Although Square Enix is pushing harder for the PS3 version of the upcoming Final Fantasy X HD remakes, the PS Vita version is set to release around the same time in North America. YouTuber m00sicianEN has today posted the first two hours of the Japanese version of the game in direct capture HD. It includes some German(?) accented commentary, but it’s non-invasive.

Although the text and voice work is in Japanese, it’s easy to tell how impressive the game looks on the handheld at this stage. The only issue is that there are some framerate drops (although this could be due to the capture device) when a lot of action is happening at once on screen.

Still, it looks to be like a completely viable option to experience the game.