Chrom’s Falchion from Fire Emblem: Awakening Featured in Latest Man at Arms

For those unaware, Man at Arms is a bi-weekly series where master swordsmith Tony Swatton forges a fan-favorite weapon from a popular video game, movie or television series. He’s featured quite few from video games in the past year, but Fire Emblem: Awakening has to be his most niche choice to date (if you can call a first party Nintendo title “niche”). Apparently he was simply¬†inundated with fan requests for it, prompting the decision — so good going fans.

The video shows a five-minute making of the sword in Swatton’s forge. As always, the video is slickly-produced and up to snuff with most basic cable reality shows. The final product is quite nice and we even get to see it slicing through some cucumbers, cola and other food stuffs.