Jet Car Stunts 2 Launching January 2, First Trailer Released

When Jet Car Stunts was released in 2009, the App Store was still a barren wasteland that only had Monkey Ball and Ms. Pac Man to satisfy gamers. Jet Car Stunts changed all that by being one of the first iOS games that truly demonstrated the power and addictiveness that gaming on the device could have. In the years since, it’s been heralded as one of the best driving games on the platform and is still regularly downloaded today. Unfortunately, however, it’s quite long in the tooth and visually doesn’t come close to offering what some of the top games in its genre can today.

That all looks to change with Jet Car Stunts 2, which will be released on January 2 for iPhone and iPad. The game will feature 7 cars, 120 levels with 3 difficulties each, user level creation/sharing and four game modes. The game will be free to play, albeit in a limited version, and offer an à la carte way to complete it. For $4.99, players can have access to the Mega Pack, which unlocks everything.

The first trailer for the game was just released and looks rather incredible, putting its predecessor (and many other iOS games) to shame with its updated HD visuals. Check it out below: