Burnout Paradise’s Big Surf Island Unofficially Ported to PC

There’s not a lot of games that have been out for over five years that people are still clamoring to see properly ported to PC, but Burnout Paradise is one of them. A departure from the track-based boost-happy beginning of the series, Paradise went onto be one of the most beloved racing games of the generation and was never quite matched in addictiveness by its Need for Speed spiritual successors. Unfortunately, its Big Surf Island DLC — which added a whole new area to the game’s open world — never made its way to PC. As EA has long been quiet about it (which was frustrating a few years ago but now makes a little more sense considering it’d be a reasonably big undertaking for almost six year old DLC), fans have taken upon themselves to finally get the content onto the platform.

The unofficial Big Surf Island DLC patch has been released today through various channels and is an impressive effort to get the long-awaited content on PC. The mod adds the island plus all of the billboards, vehicles, smash gates, super jumps, online challenges and almost every drive-through. It’s lacking the offline events, road/area names, traffic lights, vehicle traffic and the paint shop. Still, it has the meat and potatoes and is probably as close as we’re ever going to get to playing the full thing on PC.

Note that we in no way condone accessing this DLC and are simply reporting its existence. Thanks to NeoGAF for the tip.