Bravely Default Demo Out Today, Is a Self-Contained Prologue

There’s only one real story worth talking about today and that’s the news of Bravely Default’s arrival on the eShop in demo form. If folks have been following Square Enix’s decidedly ambitious and equally old-school JRPG, then they know that Bravely Default has been out in Japan and Europe for several weeks now. Since then, the game has garnered some impressive praise, being heralded as this generation’s Final Fantasy — AKA not being concerned with playing dress-up. Nevertheless, we here in North America are among the last gamers to get Bravely Default. However, that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from putting out a sizable demo designed specifically to tide folks over until the game’s official launch next month.

Now, this demo isn’t just some run-of-the-mill display of what the game has to offer by giving players a random chunk of gameplay lifted from the final product. No, this demo actually has substance and purpose to it. In essence, the demo is a self-contained story that segues into the final product. Thus, it allows folks to explore the village of Norende and help restore it to its former glory. The content in the demo is not available in the full game, making this a must-have for those eagerly anticipating the title’s release.

Of course, the full version of Bravely Default is set to launch in North America on February 7. Be sure to grab when it hits store shelves, as it’s destined to be one of the great roleplaying experiences on the 3DS.