Bethesda Working On Bringing Classic Fallout Titles Back To Steam

Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout: Tactics were available on Steam up until a month ago when they were taken from the store.  While those who had already purchased the games are still able to enjoy them, those who want to purchase the games were out of luck.  This was thanks to a change in licensing agreements with Steam.

Luckily Bethesda is on the case.  The publisher and owner of the Fallout IP has confirmed that they are working to return the three games to Steam as soon as possible.  “We’re working to return classic @Fallout games (1, 2, Tactics) to Steam and will provide an update when they’re ready to go.”

Bringing the Fallout games back to Steam is a great move considering fans may want to catch up on the franchise.  Leaked documents from last month revealed that another Fallout game is in development at Bethesda and will be set in Boston, Massachusetts.  Seeing as Fallout 3 was enormously successful afters its 2008 launch a Fallout 4 seemed an obvious bet.  However, Bethesda have kept their lips sealed shut so it is anyones guess as to when we’ll learn about the game.