Latest Killer Instinct Patch Adds Rotating Free Character

Killer Instinct got a lot of flak when it was announced at E3 2013.  Excitement for the reboot melted away once gamers found Double Helix Games was developing the game instead of Rare.  The announcement of the game being free-to-play was also met with an icy reception, and of course the announcement that the generic Jago would be the only free playable character.

Double Helix Games have since proven themselves with Killer Instinct being a very good game.  However, the generic Jago character remains a problem, until now.

Killer Instinct is getting a new patch that will rotate the free character every so often.  You can view all the patch notes here.  Jago will be replaced by Saberwulf as the free character, something that will make fans sitting on the edge very happy.  What isn’t mentioned is how long players will have before the free character is switched to another one of the characters.  Theoretically, with this feature one could now play as all the characters without having to drop a single penny.

Killer Instinct launched November 22, 2013 alongside the Xbox One.  The fighting game has garnered a positive reception compared to other Xbox One exclusives like Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome.  You can download the game now and see if you like it.