Rekoil Gets A Late January Release For Both PC and XBLA

As first reported by Polygon, Rekoil will be receiving a January 28 release on PC and a January 29 release on XBLA. The XBLA version of the game will be known as Rekoil: Liberator, but is essentially the same experience offered by its PC counterpart. Both version of the game will be a class based FPS with a number of different roles open to the players. There are ten maps, five customizable classes, forty weapons, and the game will support modding and custom servers. The main difference between the two version is that the XBLA version will not support modding so the creative types will most likely find a home on PC instead. Both versions will sell for $14.99 and fans of the genre might want to keep an eye on this as it should provide you with more than your money’s worth.