Don’t Look Back In The Latest Trailer for Daylight

Survival-horror has been making a huge comeback in recent years.  Indie Studios and AAA studios alike have helped contribute to the resurgence of the genre.  Daylight, developed by Zombie Studios with Atlus publishing, is bringing the scares early this year.

A brand new trailer titled ‘Don’t Look Back’ has been released by Atlus.  The trailer highlights many of the features that aim to make the game so horrifying.  You play an unnamed woman who wakes up in an abandoned hospital.  In order to escape she must explore with her cell phone as her only light source.  Of course, she isn’t alone.

Daylight was announced last year at E3 2013 for PS4 and PC.  This survival-horror title runs on Epic Games’ next-gen Unreal Engine 4.  Zombie Studios also promises player they’ll be scared every playthrough thanks to the procedurally generated levels.  No two environments are the same meaning each playthrough will be completely different.

Daylight is out sometime Q1 2014 for PS4 and PC.  Check out the horrifying new trailer below: