Don’t Starve Trophy List Revealed; Does Not Have a Platinum

While Don’t Starve won’t be out until later today, you can tease yourself by checking out the trophy list early. As previously stated, the game does not have a platinum and only has 10 trophies to unlock. Before you get too excited, the list is pretty uninspired, though it’s better than nothing I suppose. If you would like to check the list out yourself, you can find it below.


The Firestarter
Unlock Willow
The Strongman
Unlock Wolfgang
The Bereaved
Unlock Wendy
The Soulless Automaton
Unlock WX-78
The Librarian
Unlock Wickerbottom
The Lumberjack
Unlock Woodie
The Silent
Unlock Wes


The Puppetmaster
Unlock Maxwell


Look on my works, ye Mighty,
Build an Accomploshrine
…and despair!
Use the Accomploshrine 725 times
Also for those interested and don’t have PlayStation Plus, check back in a few days for our review of Don’t Starve for the PlayStation 4.