Indie Hit ‘Don’t Starve’ Might Come to PS Vita

Indie darling Don’t Starve tasked players with trying to survive out in the wilderness.  It quickly became a smash success and Sony reached out to developer Klei Entertainment about bringing their title to PS4.  While that version is released, we might also be getting a PS Vita version sometime in the near future.

Klei Entertainment has teased on Twitter that a PS Vita version might be in the works.  “We’re focusing on getting PS4 out first, but we think it would be neat too! We’re looking at if it’s possible to do. Maybe? haha”

Bringing Don’t Starve to the PS Vita would be a good decision.  Sony’s latest handheld has become a bastion of quality Indie titles that actually sell very well.  Sony has also done a good job of highlighting Independent Developer’s titles on the PlayStation Store ensuring stronger sales for quality games.

Don’t Starve is currently available on PC through Steam and launches on PS4 this week.  Sony and Klei Entertainment have teamed up to offer the game for free to PS+ subscribers.  Hopefully we’ll hear about a PS Vita version soon.