Steam Week-long Deals Begin

After the huge holiday sale, people may not be ready to buy more stuff, but that’s not going to stop the weekly Steam sales! This week’s deals take 50% off the Air Conflicts games. The entire collection can be yours for $23, while Secret Wars is $5, Pacific Carriers is $10, and Vietnam is $15 – so you save a ton on of money on the collection even with the savings on each game individually. Lume gets a massive 70% off discount taking it to $2, while Guardians of Graxia is only $1.24. Hammerfight and Anodyne are $5 each, while Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos is down to $2.50. None of these deals quite scream BUY RIGHT NOW, although Lume is a must if you like puzzle-platformers.