Friendly Pokémon Reminder: Just One Week Left To Snag a Torchic

There is still time remaining for you to grab a free Torchic in Pokémon X and Y. Many trainers are aware of this by now but if you’re not then you need to get on it. On January 15, you will no longer be able to receive your own Torchic which comes holding a Blazikenite (which happens to be the only way possible of obtaining the item). It comes at level 10, so in only a few battles it’ll evolve into Combusken. And it has its hidden ability, Speed Boost, allowing it to gain a stat boost after every turn. To get Torchic you just need to go to Mystery Gift then via internet from the file select screen and you’ll be able to pick it up at any Pokémon Center. Blaziken, and its Mega form, are fairly common competitors during online battles. If you’re feeling left out you better hurry and download the Torchic.

Also, what Pokémon update would be complete without some Bank news. As of right now there is no official release date for Pokémon Bank in all other regions. It’s been nearly two weeks since Nintendo had to postpone the launch and still no news of its return. Even players in Japan, the only region given access at the time, also have to wait until all problems are solved. Right now Nintendo is testing and solving some of the issues.