Klei Trolls Trophy/Achievement Hunters with Don’t Starve’s Accomploshrine

Klei has gotten a lot of criticism about Don’t Starve lacking Steam achievements. Many gamers felt like it would add some replayablity to the game, where as Klei felt the opposite was true and their inclusion would go against the direction they wanted to take Don’t Starve.

While they were able to release the Steam version without achievements, Sony forced them to include various trophies. Their answer to this is one of the most unimaginative trophy list we’ve ever seen, which was basically eight trophies dedicated to unlocking characters. Six of these characters are unlocked via XP, Wes is unlocked by a completing a random spawn event and Maxwell is your bonus for beating adventure one. Besides these eight trophies, they also added one for making the “accomploshrine” and using it 725 times.

As near as I can tell, the accomploshrine is an item exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version of Don’t Starve and is more hassle than it’s worth. To make this item, you must first make the science machine and then make the alchemy engine. Once you have the alchemy engine, you can make the accomploshrine, but it has some steep item requirements.

In addition to one cut stone and ten gold nuggets, you need to find six gears. This is an item that comes almost exclusively from clockwork enemies, which guard the wooden thing in sandbox mode and appear in various situations in adventure mode. To put it another way, it’s impossible to make the accomploshrine until you find these very specific enemies and defeat them.


Upon getting all the materials required for the accomploshrine, you will get this trophy-looking thing with a dial and some gears coming out the top. Despite all the effort you put into making the accomploshrine, its practically worthless. After activating it roughly 25 times, the accomploshrine will fire a single firework coupled with the words “I feel so accomplished!” appearing.

Needless to say, the accomploshrine takes a jab at trophies/achievements and shows their dissatisfaction with implementing trophies in Don’t Starve. However, the accomploshrine does have another function.

After activating the machine 725 times, you’ll unlock the “..and despair”! trophy. Unlike the other 724 times you used the accomploshrine, this time flowers appear with a larger firework explosion and the words “if only my friends could see me now…” This time taking a jab at those willing to actually use the machine 725 times for the trophy.

While some might not agree with them going so far to show their dissatisfaction, it’s still an amusing easter egg unlock.