Second Muramasa Rebirth DLC Pack Gets a Beautiful Trailer

There’s a reason why Muramasa Rebirth won the PS Vita category at our Game of the Year awards — it’s just so darn beautiful. It’s one of the few games that even manages to be artistic in in its DLC packs, let alone the trailers for them. After releasing The Fishy Tales of the Nekomata in Japan a few months ago, which featured the horrifying butt monster, MarvelousAQL is back at it with a less revolting character.

Radish Farmer Man as we’ll call him because he don’t read kanji seems to be a peaceful farmer who is thrust into action for some reason. We have no idea to be honest with you as the trailer, trailer name and accompying press release is in kanji, but that doesn’t make it any less artistic or beautofuil

Check it out below. The DLC should roll out here sometime this year.