Ubisoft Brings Rayman Legends on PS4 and Xbox One’s Release Date Forward

PS4 and Xbox One owners hungry for an awesome platforming game won’t have to wait much longer.  Ubisoft has confirmed that the next-gen releases of the critically acclaimed Rayman Legends will now release a week earlier than originally announced.

The game was originally supposed to release February 28.  It will now launch February 18 in North America on PS4 and Xbox One.  Both versions will have their own exclusive content.

The PS4 version will come with Assassin Rayman, a skin based off the Assassin’s Creed franchise.  Touchpad integration will allow players to easily perform certain actions like scratching Lucky Tickets.  Players will also be able to take the game on the go with the PS Vita.

The Xbox One version comes with a wider range of skins.  Splinter Ray, Vaas Ray and Vaas Globox are the exclusive skins.  The Xbox One version also gets 10 exclusive challenges that unlock time-limited Achievements.

Rayman Legends launched last August after numerous months of delays.  Despite garnering critical acclaim the game did not sell as well as it deserved.  Hopefully the transition to next-gen will spark greater interest in this magnificent title.

Rayman Legends is out February 18 on PS4 and Xbox One.