Bioshock Infinite Joins Instant Game Collection Tomorrow Alongside Big PSN Sale

Sony announced today that one of 2013’s best games, Bioshock Infinite, will be joining the Instant Game Collection when tomorrow’s PSN store update goes live. If you didn’t get it during the Steam holiday sale, or from Amazon when it was in a triple-pack for $15, this is a great way to get the game. There’s no word on whether or not the original game will be included as a freebie – it was originally free with physical PS3 purchases, and if made free, would allow PS3 owners to check out the entire Bioshock franchise at no cost since 2 and now Infinite will be PS+ titles at some point.

Beyond that freebie, there will also be some major savings for PS+ users. Runner 2 will be $3.75, as will Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon while Crysis 3 will be $5 – as will Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition. Puppeteer can be yours for only $7 – an insane savings for a game that’s excellent, only a few months old, and launched for $40. Rain will be $3.75, while Rayman Legends will be $36. Our podcast has featured some gushing over Tales of Xillia, and it can be yours for only $10, while Thomas Was Alone will only set you back $2.50 and The Wolf Among Us’s complete season can be yours for $13 – so if you were pissed about 360 owners getting a good deal on it, now PS3 owners get one as well.