DayZ Has Sold 1 Million Units In Four Weeks

DayZ is an amazing Indie success story.  Originally released as a mod for ARMA II, developer Bohemia Interactive got together with creator Dean Hall to turn DayZ into an actual standalone game.  The standalone title has since been released on Steam in its Alpha state as a Steam Early-Access title.  Well the game has turned out to be extremely popular.

Dean Hall has confirmed that DayZ has sold 1 million units in only four weeks.  While many may scoff at that number in only four weeks, this is actually a huge deal.  For a game that is only in Alpha, has zero-to-no marketing and a game that its creator has actually told people not to buy due to bugs and glitches, 1 million in four weeks is absolutely huge.

DayZ is a zombie survival-horror game.  Players are dropped into a large, open-world with minimal supplies and told to just survive.  They can be killed by zombies, environmental factors or by their fellow players.  It is a true game of survival, and it is very popular.

DayZ is available now as a Steam Early-Access title for $29.99.  Do beware, as an Alpha product there will be tons of bugs, glitches and other problems.