Blizzard Responds To Diablo III On Xbox One Rumors

Diablo III was announced at Sony’s PS4 reveal event for PS4 and PS3.  At the time it was believed that the game would console exclusive to PlayStation.  This turned out not to be the case when an Xbox 360 version was announced a few months later, but not an Xbox One version.  For months it looked like Diablo III would be next-gen exclusive to PS4, but that may be all about to change.

Diablo III for Xbox One has begun popping up on numerous websites for pre-order.  The origin of these listings believes to be Best Buy Canada who has removed the listing from the game.  However, it’s still available on sites like Argos.

So, is Diablo III coming to Xbox One?  Blizzard has issued a statement to Eurogamer concerning the game:

“One of our goals is to bring Diablo 3 to as many players as possible, but we don’t have any other platform announcements to share at this time.”

Its not a no, but it is also not a yes.  Perhaps Diablo III on PS4 will be a timed-exclusive with the Xbox One version launching sometime down the line.  Since the game has already been released on Xbox 360 it will most likely come to Microsoft’s latest console sometime down the line.

Diablo III is out on PS4 sometime this Spring.