First Batch Of Free Killzone: Shadow Fall Maps Announced

Prior to the release of the PS4 and Killzone: Shadow Fall, Guerrilla Games confirmed that all multiplayer maps will be released to all players for free.  Well the map is out and Guerrilla is gearing up to release the first batch of multiplayer maps.

Both maps are inspired by key locations from the single player campaign and are fully compatible with the robust Custom Warzone feature.  No release has been announced.

First up is The Cruiser.  This close-to-mid-range map is set in a decommissioned ISA cruiser.  On this map players will encounter tight corridors and inter-connected compartments.  In order to dominate on this map you’ll need to discover all the choke points and control them

The second map is The Hangar.  The direct opposite of The Cruiser, The Hangar is a huge, open map with long lines suitable for sniping.  However, there are plenty of alternate routes to take and get behind those snipers.

Guerrilla Games is also hard at work on the game’s first expansion pack.  They’ll provide more information as it gets closer to its release.