Housemarque Working on Resogun DLC and A New PS4 Project

The relationship between Housemarque and Sony must be very strong.  Resogun for PS4 is widely considered to be the best next-gen launch game to release on either PS4 or Xbox One.  In fact, the game is so loved that it has been nominated for Action Game of the Year at the 17th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards.

Those hungry for more Resogun will be happy to learn that Housemarque is working on some brand new DLC.  The announcement arrives via Facebook.  Responding to a fan the developer revealed that DLC is in the works sometime in the near future.  It was also revealed that they are working on another PS4 game.

Housemarque is not a developer owned by Sony, but has teamed up with the them numerous times for exclusive titles.  While they have released games like Outland and Angry Birds Trilogy for other consoles, they are best known for their Super Stardust titles that have released exclusively on PlayStation consoles and handhelds.