Sony Announces Music-Based Game and Movie Sale for PSN

Sony announced today that a selection of music-related video games and movies, as well as entire albums, would go on sale tomorrow. Game-wise, you can look forward to getting Everyday Shooter on the PS3 for $2.50, or its PSP/Vita version for $2. Kickbeat is available as a PS3/Vita cross-buy game for $3, while Retro/Grade also hits the $3 sweet spot. The incredible Rock Band Blitz is only $7, while Sound Shapes can be yours for only $7. That small amount of money lets you play the game on your Vita, PS3, and PS4 – making it the best value in the bunch.  Anyone who loved Frequency or Amplitude on the PS2 should pick it up, as Harmonix took its shell and revamped it with licensed music and a far more well-known brand name.