Bravely Default Gets New Story Trailer Right Before Launch

Square Enix’s brand new 3DS RPG, Bravely Default, is very close to launching in North America.  To celebrate, a brand new trailer has been released focusing on the story of the game.  Despite being a new IP, the story sounds very similar to another IP that Square Enix owns.

The story takes place in the world of Luxendarc, which has been swallowed by darkness.  The four crystals have been corrupted and four heroes must rise up to defeat the mysterious darkness and restore balance to the world.  These four are Agnes, the Preistess, Edea, the Traitor, Tiz, the Lone Survivor and Ringabel, the Cassanova.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the plot is very similar to some of the older Final Fantasy games.  Bravely Default is a love letter to fans of the older games with turn-based gameplay and a Jobs system resembling those titles.  The game, which has already been released in Japan, has already done so well that a sequel, Bravely Second, has already been announced.

Bravely Default is out February 7 exclusively on 3DS.  Check out the story trailer below: