‘Candy Jam’ Trolling King with Challenge to Make Games that Use ‘Candy’ Several Times in Title

When it was announced yesterday that mobile game giant King had filed a trademark for the word “Candy” and was enforcing it, we weren’t too worried. While the sheer concept sounds ludicrous, it seemed as if they were simply doing it to get rid of games leeching off their titles. Things change in 24 hours, however, and when it was revealed that the company was now going after The Banner Saga merely for having the word “Saga” in their title, we became pretty enraged — and we’re not the only ones.

The “Candy Jam” was announced today which fights King’s trolling by more trolling. A new GameJam, the rules are simple: “MAKE A GAME INVOLVING CANDIES CONSIDER USING THE WORD “CANDY” SEVERAL TIMES, ALSO “SCROLL”, “MEMORY”, “SAGA” AND “APPLE” MIGHT GIVE BONUS POINTS.”

A biting satirical statement against King’s ridiculous trademarking of common names, it’s about the best protest we can think of. Hopefully they actually get some of them published on Google Play or the App Store, which would certainly drive King’s lawyers crazy.

So get designing! Just don’t call your game “The Candy Saga of Candy Candy Memory Scroll of Candy Apple Land in Search of Candy for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Candy,” because that’s our idea.