PS Store Update Live – Brothers and Worms: Battle Island Join IGC

The best part of Monday ending, other than it being the end of Monday, is that it starts the glorious beginning of Tuesday. It’s a day of hope – especially for gamers looking to save money on their digital purchases. This week’s PS Store update has some great savings and a pair of freebies for PlayStation owners. The incredible Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is free for PS3 owners, while Vita owners can play Worms: Battle Island at no cost to them if they’re a PS+ member. PS4 owners can pre-order Infamous: Second Son for $60, and in a surprising move (although less so since the base game was just made a PS+ freebie), GRiD 2 gets a definitive edition with Reloaded. It includes $50 worth of extra content including two new circuits and 25 new cars.

The big music-related sale is also live, while PSOne fans who loved Golden Axe may want to check out Lucifer Ring. MonkeyPaw just released this JPN-only game on PSN and it definitely looks like a 32-bit successor to the classic 16-bit series. Hopefully, these games do fairly well for MonkeyPaw so other great JPN-only stuff like Hermie Hopperhead could perhaps be licensed. I wouldn’t hold out hope for Pepsiman though. Beyond all that, you’ve got the debut of OlliOlli on the Vita. It’s available for only $10 instead of $12 during its debut week, so if you love skating and/or endless runners, give it a shot. Crysis 3 goes from being $5 on sale to being $20 regularly, so if you missed out on the sale price, you can kick yourself now. Demo-wise, PS3 owners can check out Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, while Vita owners can try out Toukiden: The Age of Demons.