Activision Announces Cut the Rope: Triple Treat for 3DS

If there’s one thing Activision knows, it’s milking mobile games for everything they’re worth. After all, who else would have the marketing prowess to slap Angry Birds: Star Wars on a Blu-ray and charge $50 for it? The publisher is at it again with Cut the Rope. It was announced today that ZeptoLab’s massively popular series will be released on the 3DS as Cut the Rope: Triple Treat. Comprised of the original game, Cut the Rope: Experiments and Cut the Rope: Time Travel, the games have been redone to make use of the handheld’s stylus and stereoscopic 3D visuals. They’ll also boast online leaderboards and in-game achievements to round out the experience.

The game is set for March 25, but no price has been set. Check out the debut trailer below: